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If you are seeking unique career opportunities in the field of nursing, you have come to the right place. Nirvana provides career-seekers like you a platform to learn and uplift your career in the healthcare field. We offer immigration sponsorships, competitive pay and college education tuitions to deserving candidates.

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Why do Subcontracting?

At Nirvana Medical Staffing, we are amongst the few companies that engages in sub-contracting work with other medical staffing agencies. We offer sub-contracting options to many other nurse agencies in need of quality medical staff. Sub-contracting is a viable and economical option for both the nurse agency and its client, which would be a medical facility. Our market rates are very competitive, and nursing agencies save a lot of cost involved in direct hiring and employee payroll. Following are a few advantages of sub-contracting with us for medical staffing agencies like yours.

  • Reduce your staffing overheads by sub-contracting with us. We carry all the costs for recruiting including background checks, interviews, and license verificatios. You can be rest assured that your client would be staffed only with our qualified, experienced and genuine medical staff.

  • Sub-contracting with us not only reduces your initial recruiting costs, but also reduces your liability for payroll taxes, worker's compensation, health insurance, 401K benefit costs, and any other fringe benefits you would pay, if you hire a medical professional directly on your payroll. All theses payroll overheads are taken care of by us.

  • Hire only and when needed. Hiring an employee who is non-performing or doesn't match up to your client's expectations can be very costly not only monetarily, but can also cost long-term in terms of a tarnished reputation and a blemished relationship with your client. Staffing our qualified medical employee saves you that pain and gives you flexibility, as our contractors only work based on their performance.

  • Our low rate guaranty also applies to sub-contracting. We guaranty that our medical professionsl would work at a lower rate than the total salary and employee benefits costs paid by your company to a similarly skilled and experienced employee. So you only save by sub-contracting with us.

If you have any other questions, please visit the FAQs section of this website. For any other questions, concerns, or inquiries, please don't hesitate to call us on 732.889.4242 or email us on info@nirvanamedicalstaffing.com. One of our specialized staffing representative will contact you within 24 hours and respond to your inquiry.